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Faith + Vision

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Edited by Cameron Anderson and Sandra Bowden. Founded in 1979, Christians in the Visual Arts was born as a response to the absence of a tangible Christian community within the contemporary American art world. As it matured, CIVA grew to become a place of aesthetic stimulation and spiritual encouragement. This book features more than 200 images that showcase the work of CIVA’s most accomplished artists and highlight the quality and breadth of its many exhibitions and publications. It contains historical and critical essays by Karen Mulder, Alva Steffler, and James Romaine, and introductory remarks by Howard Fox (LA County Museum) and Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff (professor emeritus, Yale University).

"This book, and the artists it includes, represents a sea change that has taken place in Christians’ involvement in the arts in the last generation. Anyone thinking about these things will have to consult this book to get perspective on what is happening. This book demonstrates the significance these changes have not only for Christians in the arts, but for the Church, and indeed for the larger culture."

—William Dyrness, Professor of Theology & Culture, Fuller Theological Seminary

"In every era of art there are rich veins of expression that lay just below the broadly acclaimed visual surface. Then at some point, these veins develop a critical mass and erupt into visibility. Faith and Vision: Twenty-five Years of Christians in the Visual Arts unearths one of those veins. In its representation of nearly three generations, the book mines the fertile vein of artists whose stylistic sources lay within the many genres of modern art, but whose sources of meaning lay within the deeply grounded spiritual content of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and forges from it a volume of authentic depth and significance."

—Wayne Roosa Art Historian, Bethel University