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For most of us, 2020 has seemed a more challenging and anxious year than any in recent memory. CIVA Voices is a 50-page collection of visual and written reflections from CIVA members during this unexpected and uncertain season.

CIVA’s strength is the collective wisdom and insight within our diverse community of artists, writers, thinkers, and proclaimers. With this in mind, we wanted to know what’s really going on. These reflections explore how faith, hope, and love have been refined from within. They take a look at what God is revealing to them about themselves and the church. It examines how their artistic practice has suffered or provided sanctuary. 

CIVA Voices includes reflections from: 

Taylor Worley                John Bergmeier
Barbara Bjelland           Anita Breitenberg
Lisa Smith                     Meena Matocha
Tanzinne Matthews       Andrew Hendrixson
Karen Swenholt            Phyllis Thomas
Anthony Vasquez         Patricia Butler
Karen Brummund         Geinene Carson
Robert Eustace            Kerri Jones
Edith Lopez                  Carolyn Chester
Laura Wennstrom        Mari Reitsma Chevako
Chrstina Saj                 Lydna R. Myers
Michelle Paine             Ruthia Pak Regis
Ryan Stander              Constance Pierce
Linda Rinker                Micah Bloom
Kathy Self                    Justin Sorensen
Kara Patrowicz            Denise Weyhrich
Catelyn Mailloux          David Hooker

Executive Director: Lawan Glasscock
Designer: Ned Bustard
Co-Editors: Joe Cory and Ta

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