Communal Funeral Womb, Steve Prince

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Communal Funeral Womb by Steve Prince

Original limited edition linoleum print on 13" x 20" archival paper

Artist Statement:
The image entitled “Communal Funeral Womb” represents the senseless demise of young men in the community who are conceptually marked for death like Christ. The mother’s heart becomes Golgatha—place of the skull, and she is forced to bear the pain of losing her child prematurely due to violence. Projecting from her chest is a crucified Christ, a visual manifestation of her palpable loss. The woman is transfixed in a birthing posture and she bellows out a perpetual scream for the child removed from her womb, only to be placed in a tomb. A funerary procession traverses her body and a nun stands off in the shadows praying for the deceased and the young men who are his friends as a trumpeter blares a mournful tune. The headboard of the bed becomes a prison/housing project while a young Black male lurks in the shadows adorned with a remnant of the 70’s movement perched in his afro. The piece juxtaposes Christ and the young man and states that we must be diligent in our communities to encourage our young men to seek life and not death, because I believe we have not been ordained to die, but live.

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