SEEN Journal XIII:1 - JUSTart
SEEN Journal XIII:1 - JUSTart

JUSTart (Vol XIII:1, 2013) - SEEN Journal

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This JUSTart issue of SEEN Journal XIII.1 explores the relationship between art and justice: "making things, and making things right." This 40-page, full-color expanded issue coincides with CIVA's "JUSTart" Biennial Conference in June 13-16 in Wheaton IL, and includes:

Losing Our Voice
By Cameron J. Anderson

Setting Things Right
By Calvin Seerveld

Mourn with Those Who Mourn
By Tyrus Clutter

Berger’s Plotting
By Kelly VanderBrug

Nora Howell

Beyond the Ruins
Bryn Gillette

The Banquet is Brimming
Kevin Hamilton talks with Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu

Liminal Ground
Craig Goodworth

Filled with Good Things
Sara Jane Gray

Against the Great Defeat
By John Berger

A Simple Complexity
By Wayne Adams

No Earthly Peace
By Ben Jefferies

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