Pieta, Tyrus Clutter

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After Filippino Lippi (c.1457—1504)


Wood panel,13.25" x 6 7/8"

This woodcut, with silver leaf, is a reworking of an image by Filippino Lippi.  I was drawn to this image for several reasons.  It is not a typical rendition of Christ on the lap of the Virgin.  Instead, it is more like an Entombment with Joseph of Arimathea, assisted by two angels, lowering the body of Christ into the sepulcher.  The long horizontal was also an intriguing format in which to place the figures.  As I often do, I used the same model for all four figures in my print. This places us, as the viewer, in multiple roles within the narrative.  The emotion of the figures in Lippi’s piece was also striking to me.  I have tried to convey some of that same agonizing pity.

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