SEEN Journal XIV:1 - Unsettled Ground
SEEN Journal XIV:1 - Unsettled Ground

Unsettled Ground (Vol XIV:1, 2014) - SEEN Journal

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The focus of "Unsettled Ground," SEEN Journal XIV.1, is art, faith, ethnicity, and social change in post-apartheid South Africa. Guest editors for this issue are Joe Cory (Samford University) and Rachel Hostetter Smith (Taylor University).

Primary contributors to this issue include:

Unsettled Ground: In and Out of Africa
by Rachel Hostetter Smith

Somewhere Else
by Keith Barker

A New Kind of Court
by Joe Cory

Nelson Mandela: 1918–2013
by Joel Carpenter

Bursting Wineskins
by Diane Stinton

by Kambani Ramano

Beauty’s Vineyard
by Kimberly Vrudny

Film School Africa
by Katie Taylor

The Journey to Freedom
by Gwenneth Miller and Celia de Villiers

Monuments and Memory
by Sara Shady and Michelle Westmark-Wingard

Suspending Disbelief
by Jonathan Anderson

In Review: Ashe to Amen
by Phoebe Wolfskill

In Review: The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America
by Ronald Bernier

In Review: 12 Years a Slave / Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom
by Katie Creyts

Remembering Loren Baker
by Christopher Davidson

Publisher: Cameron J. Anderson
Designer: Ned Bustard
Guest Editors: Joe Cory and Rachel Hostetter Smith
Editorial Assistant: Cynthia Anderson

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